Women in Business at Tuck

Women in Business Club

The Women in Business Club at Tuck provides mentorship, networking, and career development opportunities for current students. It is an inclusive community focused across social, professional, and academic pillars meant to foster discussion and further gender equity. This is all facilitated by the broader Tuck program. The mission of the club is threefold:

Deepen Member Networks

The Women in Business Club creates networking opportunities for our members through professional and social events such as Small Group Dinners over the summer and during the school year. Our goal is to have each member know every face and name while at Tuck and feel comfortable contacting anyone in all Tuck classes, current or past.

To connect current students with alumnae, WIB hosts an annual Women's Symposium, partnering with the Initiative for Women at Tuck (i4w), which welcomes back alumnae to network with current students. These relationships created a low-risk environment for first years to ask their questions about career transitions.

Broaden Perspective

It is critical for all students to have awareness of and comfort with gender issue discussions. To provide everyone with a sense of his or her blind spots particularly with regard to gender, WIB brings in facilitators like Judy Shen-Filerman, CEO of Dreambridge Partners, who explores the intricacies of implicit bias and recommends strategies for both men and women to take charge of their careers while navigating gender bias.

Strengthen Management Skills

Many members join the club to learn new skills and gain new perspectives that they can use to manage diverse teams. The best way to manage a diverse team is to understand and appreciate their backgrounds. To that end, WIB has hosted lunch discussions with groups like female veterans to discuss their experience working in non-traditional business industries like the Armed Forces.

We believe Tuck is absolutely the best MBA program for women. If you have any questions about the Women in Business Club or our experience at Tuck, please feel free reach out to us via email.